OctoMom Turns Down Free House Offer

February 27, 2009 By:
OctoMom Turns Down Free House Offer

OctoMom Nadya Suleman has officially lost her marbles!

She turned down an offer by a non-profit charity group called Angels In Waiting to provide her with a temporary new home for six months.

"Angels" had also offered to provide around the clock individualized care by pediatric nurses and other early intervention professionals for her octuplets and their six other siblings, reports Radaronline.com.

Why she wouldn't accept the offer is beyond us. She's about to lose her home, she has no set income, no job and Child Services isn't even sure they'll allow her to take her octopulets home because she doesn’t have a stable environment.

L.A. attorney Gloria Allred and "Angels in Waiting" founder, Linda West-Conforti, are expected to hold a press conference later today and describe in detail disturbing conversations with Nadya and why they believe that she was not willing to accept their offer.

Maybe she turned down the offer because she's considering going into porn?! At this point, she really wouldn't surprise us if she did.

Stay tuned!