OctoMom: "I Screwed Up My Kids' Lives"

August 20, 2009 By:

OctoMom Nadya Suleman has finally come to her senses and realized having 14 kids probably wasn't the best idea in the world.

"I screwed up my life, and I screwed up my kids' lives," said Suleman during in a two-hour special that aired on FOX Wednesday night. "It was a mistake" having so many kids without a father figure.

"What the heck am I going to do...I have to put on a strong facade," continues Suleman in the documentary.

Cameras then followed her as she got 14 tattoos, one star for each kid. She might as well have gotten their names tatted on too, it must be hard to keep track of that many kids when becoming famous is the only thing on your mind.

She then had the nerve to blast Kate Gosselin for her reality show and for getting a tummy tuck after having her kids.

"Honestly, I'm not as attention seeking, probably never, it's just my opinion, but some people are desperate for attention," Suleman says of Gosselin.

Does anyone actually still care about OctoMom? This documentary came and went and no one bothered to watch it. Do you still care about OctoMom? Would you watch her new reality show?