Octomom Confession: Whoops!

April 20, 2010 By:
Octomom Confession: Whoops!

It took Nadya Suleman 14 kids to realize she may have gone overboard. The baby making machine admits that looking back on her decision to have a million babies was wrong and she has a "tremendous amount of guilt" because of it.

She also says being known as "Octomom" makes her feel like a "carnival attraction." Well she only has herself to blame for that one!

Appearing via satellite on Tuesday's Oprah Winfrey Show, Octomom said she had so many children out of her "own childish desires to compensate" and admits she was "trying to fill some missing piece inside.," reports Us Weekly.

Octomom Named Most Controversial Mom

"Looking back, I've always coveted that connection, that attachment to another being. And the connection felt safer with children than with a significant other, more predictable," said Octomom. "The security — I was hungering for the security."

She was "hungering" for security and she figured having 14 kids while being unemployed was a good idea? This woman has some serious issues. But wait, it gets better! Now that their food stamps have run out, Octomom told Oprah they depend on media appearances for money.

Octomom: I Screwed Up My Kids Lives

"We're surviving," she said. "We're so busy going, going, going, moving, moving, moving, trying to keep up that you don't have time to think, to reflect, to feel anything. And it is a choice. I own all of the responsibility for my poor choices in the past.

"Do I regret [it]?" she then asked. "You can't regret children. But the choices were childish. They were immature. They were selfish. Are we defined by our choices? Our behavior? Our actions? No. I don't believe that defines our worth. "I feel as though I wasn't thinking at that time," she continued.

"Wasn't thinking at the time" is the probably the sanest comment she's ever made. We feel bad for her kids.