OctoMom Brings Seventh Baby Home

April 2, 2009 By:
OctoMom Brings Seventh Baby Home

OctoCrazy Nadya Suleman brought baby #7 home from the hospital, and as always, it was a public affair.

Josiah Angel Suleman, who at 4 lbs., 8 oz., was deemed healthy and heavy enough to be released from Kaiser Permanente Medical Center.

"Each day that goes by it gets a little easier," Suleman tells People. "I'm really getting to know each of my nannies and we're all really beginning to work together as a team."

The remaining octuplet, Jonah, still isn't heavy enough to be released from the hospital. Doctors say it could still be several weeks before he gets to join his brothers and sisters back home.

Meanwhile, OctoMom is continuing to piss off local residents of her La Habra neighborhood. Someone vandalized her car on April 1st, but it was no April fools joke.

In a statement issued on Wednesday evening, a spokesman for the La Habra Police Department verified that police units were dispatched to the Suleman home on Madonna Lane shortly after 7 A.M. Wednesday.

“A nanny heard a loud noise around 3 A.M. She looked outside and saw a large white cargo van speeding away. The nannies did not call the police or go outside at that time,” according to Lt. Tom Dutton of L.H.P.D.’s Media Relations office.

“When the morning nannies arrived for work at 6:30 A.M. they saw the rear window of [the] Suleman van had been smashed and a car seat appeared to have been thrown through the window,” Dutton said.

While most taxpayers may be furious with OctoMom's situation, vandalizing her car or property is out of line! She's since hired a security team to watch her property 24/7. No word on whose paying for the rent-a-cops, but we hear they're one of the most expensive security companies in LA.