OctoMom Brings Final Baby Home

April 14, 2009 By:
OctoMom Brings Final Baby Home

OctoMom Nadya Suleman brought home her final octuplet on Monday night from the hospital.

Jonah is joining his newborn siblings Noah, Jeremiah, Josiah, Isaiah, Maliyah, Makai and Nariyah, and of course there's still Nadya's six older children, reports Radar.

Jonah only weighed 1-pound, 8 ounces when he was born on January 26, so he had to remain at the hospital until he reached a weight that the staff felt was safe enough.

As if caring for 14 children isn't enough, Nadya is spending the majority of her time having meetings with production companies for her upcoming reality show.

It angers taxpayers just to hear about Nadya and her many many children, so do you think people would be willing to actually watch her try to maintain control of her life? Would you watch her show?