Octo-Mom The Musical Coming Our Way

May 1, 2009 By:
Octo-Mom The Musical Coming Our Way

As if we need to have more of Nadya Suleman in our lives, Octo-Mom The Musical is now casting. Actor Christian Voltaire has written a musical about Nadya and her fourteen babies, and is currently casting the lead role.

Producers released a description of what it takes to play Suleman:
Female, Mid 20’s - mid 30’s. Funny, whimsical, but not too charactery. She should be able to command authority, play broad range of facial expressions plus physical comedy.

Sketch and improv experience a plus. Likable, energetic and at the same time able to be emotionally expressive and believable. Can handle musical theatre and pop styles a plus. Actress who can move.

According to MSNBC, Voltaire wants to have babies flying over the heads of the audience as part of the production, as well as a delivery scene in which the audience gets wet. You don’t want to be sitting first row at that show!

Voltaire has been auditioning people for the role all week, but tells the LA Times that if Nadya herself wants the role, it’s all hers.

He says, I think it would be incredible if Octo did play herself on stage. It would show us she has a sense of humor, but it’s a big time commitment.” Yeah…let’s not give her any more reasons to not spend time with her kids. Octomom The Musical opens June 20th in Los Angeles.