Nadya Suleman to Lose her House on March 5th

February 23, 2009 By:
Nadya Suleman to Lose her House on March 5th

This story is getting increasingly scarier by the minute. Nadya Suleman is reportedly going to lose her house as early as next week. Us Weekly reports that the Octo Mom will be homeless as of March 5th.

The source says the Whittier, California house will be auctioned off on that day as a result of $23,000 owed in back payments. Nadya’s mother, who owns the house, has allegedly not paid the mortgage in 10 months. What is wrong with this family?!

The source goes on to say that Nadya does not have a plan in place as to where she and her six children who are at home will live once being kicked out of the house. And the story just gets worse from there. Apparently Nadya made up the name of the octuplet’s father, David Soloman, on her children’s birth certificates.

The source says that Nadya just chose to put that name down because it was a Biblical reference, and that it was unlikely that the unknown father would ever be a part of the babies’ lives.

As we stated before, scary stuff! As far as we know, Nadya is totally alone right now. She’s not even getting help from her parents! And we doubt those donations are pouring into the website she created. We just hope, for the sake of those children, that child protective services gets involved.