Nadya Suleman Lies about Landing Reality Show

April 16, 2009 By:
Nadya Suleman Lies about Landing Reality Show

We should have known this was the case! Earlier in the week reports surfaced that Nadya Suleman had secured a reality show for herself and her children, which was picked up by a in the U.K. network Eyeworks, even saying it was “official.”

But Eyeworks reported today that there was no such deal in place and no U.K. networks have in fact signed Nadya to any deal. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a future for the Octomom.

Eyeworks CEO Reinout Oerlemans said today, "At this time we are in active negotiations with Nadya and her attorney for an unscripted format following the life of Nadya and her children.

"Nadya’s story is a very unique and exciting one that needs to be told in the right manner ... We are confident that we are the right party to tell their story around the world."

So across the pond is probably Nadya’s best bet at this point, since no U.S. networks want to come near her. TLC met with Suleman and called her “much crazier than they expected.” A Bravo rep flat out said, “We’re not interested.”

We hope the U.K. network eventually becomes as disinterested as we’ve all become of her, and she’s forced to get a real job and stop relying on taxpayers’ money to live!