Hospital Decides Not to Release Nadya Suleman's Babies

March 17, 2009 By:
Hospital Decides Not to Release Nadya Suleman's Babies

Nadya Suleman was expecting to get two of her babies released to her yesterday, but hospital workers have decided against it.

Nadya was looking forward to having two of the eight come home to join the family in their new home, and told she was extremely upset about it.

"I'm really upset about this. I really wanted to return to a normal life. I know the hospital is doing its best for the kids, but I never asked for all of this. It just makes me sad, and I'm going to do everything I can to get them back, but I also need to please the hospital."

Girlfriend should be thanking her lucky stars that she's even getting her children period! But at least she's spending time at the hospital. We have to give her that.

She spent seven hours at the hospital on Monday, saying hospital officials wanted to make sure she could properly feed the babies.

The two babies scheduled to go home are currently 5 and a half pounds right now, and Nadya says they are perfectly healthy. She says, "Even when the babies are home, it's not going to sink in."

We think it'll start to sink in when people start forgetting about her and she's no longer a "celebrity!"