Gloria Allred: Nadya is Using Babies as Props

March 25, 2009 By:
Gloria Allred: Nadya is Using Babies as Props

In a new development on the OctoMom story, Gloria Allred has spoken out during a press conference, slamming Nadya Suleman, saying she’s using her babies as “props.”

Allred, who represents Angels In Waiting, held a press conference today listing several things Nadya has done to endanger her newborn’s lives. Gloria said that Suleman “violated agreements in the best interests of the children."

What she’s referring to is the fact that Nadya announced publicly when her first two babies would be coming home, as well as inviting a video crew to come in and not only roll tape, but feed and hold the babies as well!

Allred went on to say that Nadya always has an excuse as to why she can’t feed and bathe the babies, and only pretends to care when the cameras are rolling. She said, "Nadya would come back from shopping and not even visit the nursery.”

Also during the press conference Allred said that Suleman's home was not secure enough to keep trespassers away. Nadya claims she can't afford security, but Angels in Waiting president Linda Conforti-West said she was paying to install a Jacuzzi tub and expensive dishwasher.

Gloria has released a statement saying, "Nadya has decided to have Kaiser Permanente care for her babies. In other words, she has apparently made a conscious decision to put the burden of her babies care on the tax payers, since her lawyer Jeff has conceded publicly that Kaiser nurses will most likely have to bill Medicare.”

"We wish the best for Nadya and these babies and their six siblings, but we can now only pray to God, that Nadya's poor choices, money making schemes, and improper priorities will not result in irreparable harm to any or all of her children in the future.”

This is just getting scary! We had a feeling from the start that Nadya was in this for the fame and possible money, but now it’s seems like a definite! These poor children are the one that have to suffer!