First of the Octuplets Ready to Come Home

March 11, 2009 By:
First of the Octuplets Ready to Come Home

Four of Nadya Suleman’s babies are ready to leave Kaiser Permanente Hospital and come home. Good thing someone gave her a home, for the children’s sake! The babies will be released two at a time.

While on Dr. Phil's show the other day, Nadya said she wasn't sure who would be coming home first. She said, "Four of them are ready to come home now. They've been ready for days."

Despite the babies being ready, officials at Kaiser have been waiting to inspect the octuplets’ new home before agreeing to release them.

Linda West-Conforti of Angels in Waiting says, "At this point these little babies don't know if they're going to be picked up to be fed or picked up to be poked with an IV, so they have a tendency to be apprehensive with touch.

"What we have to do is bring these kids home and create an environment that is conducive for them to want to bond."

Speaking of her new house, Nadya told Dr. Phil that she’s going to have the den of her four-bedroom house transformed into a nursery.
For the first few months, only four cribs will be used, each one holding two infants in an effort to promote bonding between the siblings.

"It feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders," she said. "It feels like things are finally falling into place."

Yeah, that’s because other people are enabling the babies to have a normal life! Nadya shouldn’t get much credit for the babies coming home, because without Dr. Phil and Angels In Waiting, she might have never gotten the chance to raise them herself. They’d be taken by Child Protective Services for sure!