Clothing Company offers OctoMom's Kids Free Clothes for a Year

February 27, 2009 By:
Clothing Company offers OctoMom's Kids Free Clothes for a Year

This is an offer Nadya Suleman should not refuse! But who knows, since she turned down a free free place to live by the charity Angels In Waiting.

Kids clothing company Custom Kingdom has just offered Nadya free clothes for all 14 of her children for an entire year. Can you imagine how much money she would save on that alone?!

The company released a statement to Us Weekly saying, "We understand the financial strain one child can put on a family, let alone 14 little ones, so we would like to do our part and donate clothing from our line.”

The company is very high end, and even Angelina Jolie outfits her clan in their clothes. Custom Kingdom is prepared to now donate at least $500 in clothing each month for her.

They’ve even offered to send its own favorite designs each month, or let Suleman's kids select. And if the family is still struggling with funds after a year, the company has agreed to keep sending clothes!

They’ve definitely made her an offer she shouldn’t refuse. Nadya has this issue with trying to look like she has everything under control. But she needs to start thinking about her children, and put her pride aside for a minute!