Child Services and Detectives Pay a Visit to Octo-Mom

April 29, 2009 By:
Child Services and Detectives Pay a Visit to Octo-Mom

Nadya Suleman was paid a surprise visit at her home today by Child Protective Services and detectives. She was getting ready to pick up her older children from school when the agency and two La Habra officers showed up at her door.

According to Radaronline, they began questioning Nadya, but then let her leave in order to pick up her children. They promised to return after she came back home.

Nadya says she suspects a teacher of her son Aiden placed a complaint after he showed up to school with a black eye. She downplayed the story, saying “he’s autistic, he bumps into things.”

Nadya also mentioned that Aiden has bite marks, because some of her other children like to bite each other, which she says she also did as a child.

A spokesperson for the agency Terry Lynn Fisher said, “Always our goal is for families to stay together. Because of issues of confidentiality, state law precludes us from confirming or denying.”

But Fisher did confirm that for the agency to make a home visit, a call must have been made regarding a possible abuse or neglect claim.

There are no further details as of yet. We can’t imagine that Nadya would try to harm her children. She’s crazy, but she’s showed no signs of abusing them, so we hope that is the case!