15 Staffers Fired for Going Through OctoMom's Files

March 31, 2009 By:
15 Staffers Fired for Going Through OctoMom's Files

Curiosity got the cats fired! Fifteen of Nadya Suleman’s employees were canned yesterday for looking through her medical records. Maybe they were trying to find the crazy gene!

Kaiser Permanente spokesperson Jim Anderson spoke out yesterday saying, "We always provide training on the importance of patient privacy and confidentiality.

"We knew from the time she was admitted to the hospital in December, this case would attract attention. Numerous training sessions were held to remind people of the need to keep the information confidential."

Aside from the 15 fired, 8 others were “disciplined.” The Kaiser rep says human nature got the better of the staffers. He says, "This was human nature and curiosity that got the best of people."

We wonder if they found anything interesting! We know Nadya has more secrets we haven’t found out about her yet!

She has six of her eight babies at home with her at this point. Baby #7 is due home soon, while #8 may have to stay a little longer before he’s healthy enough to leave. Nadya’s going to need to find some new employees quick!