What Went Wrong With Ex-Girlfriend?

July 24, 2006 By:
What Went Wrong With Ex-Girlfriend?

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest--$35,049,000
Moster House--$23,000,000
Lady in the Water--$ 18,210,000
You, Me and Dupree--$12,787,000
Little Man--$11,000,000
Clerks II--$9,625,000
My Super-Ex Girlfriend--$ 8,700,000
Superman Returns--$7,460,000
The Devil Wears Prada-- $7,425,000
Cars--$ 4,910,000
Click-- $ 4,000,000
An Inconvenient Truth--$ 1,002,000

My Super Ex-Girlfriend actually disappointed at the theatres this weekend which is sad because I actually heard it was a funny movie. It seems like Pirates is still at the top as it should be.