Stallone To Direct Movie About Armenian Genocide

January 18, 2007 By:
Stallone To Direct Movie About Armenian Genocide

'Rocky' star Sylvester Stallone has sparked controversy by plotting to direct a film adaptation of controversial book "The Forty Days of Musa Dagh," which describes the Turkish massacre of its Armenian community in 1915.

The book by Austrian author Franz Werfel is controversial in Turkey, where they claim the genocide never happened.

The Association On Struggle Against Armenian Genocide Acknowledgement is urging Stallone not to make the film.Chairman SAVAS EGILMEZ fumes, "The book is full of lies, since the author got his information from nationalist and radical Armenians. We have already sent necessary documents about the mentioned days to the producer of the film. Our allies will urge the producer not to produce the film." Stallone says the film would be "an epic about the complete destruction of a civilization. (But) talk about a political hot potato. The Turks have been killing that subject for 85 years."

What are your thoughts? Should he make the movie or not??