Harry Potter Loves Groupies

July 6, 2007 By:
Harry Potter Loves Groupies

'Harry Potter' star Daniel Radcliffe says he is happy to have sex with girls who are only interested in him because of his fame. Radcliffe confesses that he’s still too young to settle down with just one girl, but is loving playing the field in the meanwhile.

He said: "Girls who want to go out with me just because I'm famous has never been a problem. I'm 17. I don't care.

"Obviously, if I wanted a deep and meaningful relationship then I wouldn't want to be going out with somebody who is only with me because I'm an actor, but if you don't a relationship like that then it's fine."

Note to all the Radcliffe groupies: Do not call him Harry in bed! He said: "People do call me Harry. I once had a friend call me it by accident. If there's another person in the room called Harry and somebody shouts their name I do respond slightly, which is embarrassing.

"But no one has ever said it in the throws of passion. That would be the end of that session. Go now!"