"Guantanamero" Makes An Impact

November 4, 2006 By:

Last night we attended the Gala Premiere Screening for a new UK-Spanish film, “Guantanamero” in Los Angeles. We got the opportunity to chat with the star of the film, British actor Rupert Evans. Rupert brings to the screen the tortured psyche of a detainee at Guantanamo Bay, haunted by his experiences in the camp, and, in astrange twist of fate, thrown into the sensual world of Havana. He is then forced to come to terms with his freedom and his emerging love for a beautiful Cuban dancer, while he wrestles with finding his way between fantasy and reality.

We were taken away by Rupert’s acting skills. It’s only a matter of time that this young actor will take America by storm. The intensity that Rupert brings to the screen is chilling as he goes through different stages of madness dealing with the hardships of the camp and reality. Rupert revealed to us how he had to lose weight for this role, which is visible throughout the film as the young star begins to diminish in size and literally wastes away to skin and bones. The actor also had to take on the task of learning Arabic for his role.

We loved the film because it arouses thoughts about contemporary issues that are being ignored today. The question of abuse in US detention facilities has been a hot-button political issue since 2001. The producers have teamed up with Human Rights Watch to make sure that the message, “Torture is Never Acceptable, ” is sent around the world.

The screening and after party was hosted by Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas who told us that he left his son at home to attend this event, because he felt so passionate about the issue and had to be apart of it. Taboo was extremely sweet and revealed to Hollyscoop that he is taking off to Brazil today for the Latin American Tour with the group. Also, look out for a solo record from this East L.A. native. He told us that he would be collaborating with Latin queen Shakira, Juanes and Blu Cantrell (who was also in attendance) for the upcoming album.

When asked where he wanted to be in 10 years, Taboo revealed that he would see himself giving back to the community and creating a non-profit organization to help the less fortunate. Got to respect that!

“Aside from being a stunning piece of cinema, the film carries avital message to the US and the international community. We are thrilled to be involved with an institution as influential and important as Human Rights Watch to ensure that the film’s central message of rejecting torture is heard loud and clear,” says Michiyo Yoshizaki, the films producer. No better way to sum up the movie! Make sure to look out for Guantanamero In 2007.