Eminem Wants To Shut Kim Up

March 23, 2007 By:
Eminem Wants To Shut Kim Up

Eminem, who once performed a song about violently murdering his ex wife Kim Mathers and then beat up a doll of her on stage during a concert in Detroit is now filing a motion to prevent Kim from bad mouthing him.

The motion, if granted would forbid Kim from saying "derogatory, disparaging, inflammatory, and otherwise negative comments" about him Eminem in interviews.

He is claiming that Kim’s trash-talking is harming their daughter Hallie, and will appear in court on Monday to discuss the motion.

Just what is Kim Mathers saying about Eminem? In the past 2 months she has given a slew of interview claiming that she vomits in her mouth whenever she hears his name, that Eminem is not terribly well endowed, that he's a bad father, and that he drove her to attempt suicide.

Eminem says that she must be muzzled to "protect the child from further harm," and to prevent "any further behavior likely to expose the minor child to humiliation and hostility."