Box Office Chart Toppers

July 31, 2006 By:
Box Office Chart Toppers

Miami Vice--$25,195,000
Pirates of the Caribbean:Dead Man’s Chest--$20,492,000
John Tucker Must Die--$14,075,000
Monster House$11,500,000
The Ant Bully--$8,145,000
You, Me and Dupree--$7,036,000
Lady in the Water--$7,005,000
Little Man--$5,100,000
The Devil Wears Prada--$4,775,000
Clerks II--$3,945,000
Superman Returns--$3,800,000
My Super Ex-Girlfriend--$3,775,000

Seems like Miami Vice took the Number 1 spot for the weekend box office charts. I didn’t see it but I only heard bad things, so we will see how it does this weekend.