Borat's Controversial "Cultural Learnings"

September 23, 2006 By:
Borat's Controversial

Although Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan doesn't hit theaters until November 3, he's already pissing off a lot of people in Kazakhstan. In the film the inept presenter travels around the U.S., insulting everyone he meets and spreading rumors about the primitive and bizarre traditions of his homeland about
his people being a bunch of urine-drinking, women-caging anti-Semites, whose favorite hobbies are 'disco-dancing, archery, rape and table tennis'.

At the film's world premiere in Toronto this month, 'Borat' provoked near-hysteria after arriving in an ox cart pulled by six women dressed in peasant rags with a donkey in the back. Since then, he has been the toast of U.S. newspapers and talk shows and is all set to turn Kazakhstan into a huge Hollywood joke. A joke which the red-faced Kazakh government has found highly unamusing. When it comes to making movies, there's no such thing as bad publicity...look at how much buzz he's already creating about the movie.

President Nazarbayev is so enraged by the American-financed film, that he has demanded that Baron Cohen and Borat are listed on the agenda at his inter-governmental summit with George W. Bush, which is taking place at the White House today.

The President has already threatened to sue Baron Cohen, to denounce Borat's jokes and published a four-page advert in The New York Times. It is all part of a desperate bid to convince the world that Kazakhstan is a civilized nation and not, as Borat puts it, a place where residents defecate in public and where the age of consent has recently been raised - to eight years old.

Do you guys think Borat is funny or repulsive, will you watch his film?