Borat: The Hero?

October 18, 2006 By:
Borat: The Hero?

Although Borat: Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan doesn't hit theaters until November 3, he's already pissed off a lot of people in Kazakhstan and the US. But not everyone wants him stoned to death; I guess Germany has a bigger sense of humor than we all do.

In the film Borat travels around the U.S., insulting everyone he meets and spreading rumors about the primitive and bizarre traditions of his homeland about his people being a bunch of urine-drinking, women-caging anti-Semites, whose favorite hobbies are 'disco-dancing, archery, rape and table tennis'.

He's stirred up quite a bit of controversy in Kazakhstan and in the US, but Borat--created by British comic Sacha Baron Cohen--is a hero to the German comedy scene.

Baron Cohen, in his Borat guise, won the best international comedian prize at the sixth annual German Comedy Awards on Friday in Cologne.

"Good evening gentlemen and prostitutes," Baron Cohen said to the crowd. "I love Germany. I love sex."

Some viewers may have wanted him to shove that prize where the sun don't shine, but he has other plans, "I will put this prize next to the only other one I won," Baron Cohen said. "From Central Asian Olympic Committee. For hitting gypsy with rock at 50 meters."