Borat Gets Attacked By New Yorker

November 14, 2006 By:
Borat Gets Attacked By New Yorker

Borat may be raking in the dough at the box office but he is taking a couple of punches along the way.
The British funnyman who created the fake sexist and racist Kazakhstan reporter Borat was knocked out by a New Yorker when he approached the man and said, "I like your clothes. Are nice! Please may I buying? I want have sex with it."

Obviously the man hasn’t watched the flim or found his comments humorous because he punched Sacha Cohen in the face. Cohen cried out for help, but his plead for help was ignored. Fellow British actor Hugh Laurie finally rushed to Cohen's aid, managing to push the man away and drag the comedian to his feet.

According to the UK Sun, the incident happened after Cohen and Laurie appeared on 'Saturday Night Live'. Although Cohen was not seriously injured, his film bosses are pleading the comedian to to stop posing as Borat on US streets to avoid further violent attacks.

However one thing that isnt gonna stop anytime soon is the amount of people who are flocking into theatres to watch his flick. 'Borat: Cultural Learnings of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan', is tipped to become the highest grossing comedy of all time. In the past ten days, the film has made $67.8 million.