Bond Fever Sweeping The World

November 14, 2006 By:
Bond Fever Sweeping The World

Bond fever is sweeping the world and the Hollyscoop girls couldn’t be more excited. British hottie Daniel Craig took on London with the world premiere of the latest 007 adventure. It was a big night for Daniel as he got the opportunity to meet the Queen. Stars like Elton John and Paris Hilton came out to support the new Bond at his premiere. Critics believe the spy thriller will take over the box office this weekend and we will definitely be a contributing factor to the box office hit.

Craig, who is making his debut as Bond in 'Casino Royale', has been heavily criticized by some Bond fans who were upset that the star is blonde, didn’t know how to drive a manual car, didn’t know how to play poker and hated guns. However, the 38-year-old star shot back at the criticisms saying "I can drive a manual car. I flogged the a**e out of an Aston Martin DBS recently."

Meanwhile Daniel Craig’s co-star Judi Dench won’t stop talking about Craig’s family jewels. Judi recently revealed that the James Bond actor's penis is "an absolute monster". The Oscar winner, who plays M in the 007 movies, used a trailer opposite Craig while shooting for the flick and was surprised to find the hottie wandering around naked outside one day. Dench recalls, "It's an absolute monster. Sorry, I shouldn't say that, should I? How uncouth of me. "

We only wish he is wandering naked in the movie. In the meantime keep checking in as we bring you full coverage of Bond Fever, which hits theatres on Friday.