MTV To Bring Hillary and Barack Together

March 19, 2008 By:
MTV To Bring Hillary and Barack Together

Hillary Clinton
and Barack Obama will have to play nice for the cameras for an MTV special. Finally, the network is doing something worth watching. They announced an hourlong special called Choose or
Lose Presents Clinton & Obama Answer Young Veterans, involving the two
candidates, plus eight young vets just back from duty, in an intimate
discussion on the fifth anniversary of the Iraq War.

Hillary and Barack will each hear directly from those who have served on the
frontlines of the war. The soldiers will engage the Senators in a dialogue
on how they will lead America's armed forces and a variety of other national
security issues.

Sway Calloway will be the facilitator in each conversation, and the same
group of veterans will participate with each candidate. Senator John McCain,
who participated in an hour-long MTV/MySpace presidential dialogue, was
invited to participate in this New Veterans special, but was unable to join
due to scheduling issues.

The special airs tomorrow, March 20th, and 6PM eastern.