More New Moon Footage to Debut at VMAs

September 11, 2009 By:
More New Moon Footage to Debut at VMAs

Listen up, Twilight fans! if the current New Moon footage and set pics floating around the web aren't enough for you die-hards, you won't want to miss the VMAs this Sunday! Summitt Entertainment has granted fans their wish for more New Moon footage.

According to MTV, extended "second half" version of the trailer will be exclusively shown at the awards show, presented by Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. In addition, the newest trailer is being shown before screenings of Sorority Row, out in theaters today.

Spoilers! MTV reports that "the second half of the trailer revolves around Alice telling Bella about Edward's plan, Bella's epic run to save him, hints of some abs as Edward prepares to walk shirtless into the sunlight and some shots of the Volturi looking ready to kill spliced with a full wolf pack transformation.

"Bella's token line, 'No, Edward, don't!' is thrown in for good measure, and the trailer ends on a high note, with Jane stating, 'This may hurt just a little.'"

Tune in at 9PM Sunday to get your second dose of the saga involving Edward, Bella, and Jacob!