'The Raven' Movie Trailer

October 7, 2011 By:
'The Raven' Movie Trailer

John Cusack’s been shedding his rom-com image, one movie at a time. Most recently, the actor stars in The Raven, a dark crime thriller.

In the movie, Cusack plays author Edgar Allen Poe, who is recruited to help authorities find a murderer who is using his stories to help commit his crimes. Soon, the tables are turned on Poe, and he’s suspected as the killer. If the story isn’t enthralling enough, the trailer will definitely make you want to see this.

It starts with a detective discussing a double murder. A young girl’s body is discovered in a chimney, and her mother’s head was found severed with a single razor.

Upon being summoned and hearing the murders, Poe responds: “You are referring to one of most stories - a work of fiction".
The detective tells the writer: "I'm afraid I am not…what cannot be disputed is that your imagination is the inspiration of a horrendous crime".
And that seems to be the general idea of the movie.

The Raven is directed by James McTeigue, who did V for Vendetta. So yeah, it’s probably going to be pretty badass.
British actress Alice Eve also stars in the film as Emily, Poe’s love interest and possible murder victim. Eve starred in She’s Out of My League and Sex and the City 2. She also played Sophia on Entourage. So this is a step up for her, too.

The title of the flick is taken from one of Edgar Allen Poe’s most famous works, also named The Raven. The poem centers around a man who becomes depressed after losing his lover. In the middle of the night, a raven visits him, making him go crazier by constantly repeating the word, “nevermore.”

The movie is definitely a better platform for Cusack’s talent. I’m a fan of the guy, but America’s Sweethearts wasn’t doing much for him. In another upcoming project, Cusack will play a serial killer. In The Frozen Ground, Cusack will work alongside Nicolas Cage and Vanessa Hudgens.

Cusack will play real-life serial killer Robert Hansen, while Cage will take on the role of a police officer. Hudgens, I’m guessing, will be the eye candy. If there is such a thing in serial killer movies. The three will start shooting on October 17 in Anchorage, Alaska.

The Raven is set to be released in March 9, 2012.