Paranormal Activity Trailer

October 8, 2009 By:
Paranormal Activity Trailer

You're home alone and freaky things are happening. You're terrified to go to sleep because you have a feeling you're not alone. Could it be Paranormal Activity?

When writer/director Oren Peli moved into his home he started to experience strange noises. He set up a camera to document his experiences and what he found was not only disturbing, it was terrifying!

This independent horror flick, which is being released by Paramount Pictures, centers around a young couple who learn that their house is haunted, and end up having increasingly disturbing experiences.

For the most part there are only two actors in the entire movie and it has a Blair Witch Project feel to it--expect it involves poltergeists in suburbia. Intriguing isn't it?

The movie is already playing in select theaters, but you can check out the trailer below...if you dare! Send us your best horror story to to win two tickets to a special screening in Los Angeles on Thursday, October 8th!