'El Gringo' Is Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

April 27, 2012 By:
'El Gringo' Is Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Lock and load, moviegoers.

The action-packed flick El Gringo is coming to a theater near you. After Dark Films and Director Eduardo Rodriguez bring you a story about a man caught in the crosshairs of some deadly thrills in this modern-day western.

A mysterious “Man” with a murderous past and a satchel arrives in quiet El Fronteras looking for water. At first, El Fronteras seems standoffish, but when townees discover that there’s a fat $2,00,000 hidden in the satchel, this "Gringo" becomes the most popular man in town.

A crew of gunmen led by a skull-face “Thug” is determined to get their hands on the money. But this Man won’t give up without a fight.

El Gringo guarantees a full throttle ride as the “The Man,” played by a handsome Scott Adkins uses anything from automatic weapons, to mace, to his bare hands to kill his way out of El Fronteras.

“A man is only responsible for himself,” a dying old timer whimpers just before the Man locks him in the trunk of a car and lights it on fire.

Explosions, endless gunfire, and a steamy sex scene are teased in the thumping trailer along with a list of salty characters like “The Thief” and “The Cop,” played by the forever-cool Christian Slater.

El Gringo arrives in theaters on May 11. Bring a seatbelt.