Movie Review: "The Eye"

February 6, 2008 By:
Movie Review:

Who would have guessed that another PG-13 rated remake of a Japanese
film would hit theaters and be a complete disaster? I did! Sadly,
because I write a review column (and I actually "USUALLY" like Jessica
) I went against my better awareness and familiarity and decided to
see "The Eye." My conclusion... I was right! This movie was not good. I
wouldn't go as far as calling it horrible or anything like that,
because some scenes -even if only for a second- did frighten. So, I
will just leave if at... not good.

A remake of the Hong Kong film "Jian Gui," "The Eye" is about a young,
attractive, blind violinist named Sydney Wells (this and "Good Luck
Chuck" back-to-back Jessica! Say it isn't so!) who is given the chance
to receive a corneal transplant. This miraculous procedure would allow
Sydney to see for the first time since she lost her eyesight at the age
of five. Mostly encouraged by her older sister Helen, (Parker Posey, an
Indie queen... why this role Parker, why?) Sydney decided to go forth
with the procedure. Now, as her eyes slowly begin to regain focus,
Sydney is stuck for the first few days seeing things very blurry. As
her eyes slowly adjust to shapes, colors, and other things that she
might not be accustomed to, she also begins to see frightening images
and visions. Not completely sure if her eyes are deceiving her, or if
these visions actually do exist, Sydney begins to witness death itself.
A ghostly, dark figure who captures the doomed and forcefully drags
them away from the world of the living. Although no one believes her,
Sydney, who is slowly going crazy herself, needs to unravel the story
of the donor she received her eyes from, before it's too late... unless
it already is!

How many times can I mention that the PG-13 rating is the death of the
Horror genre before I completely lose it! Sorry to sound repetitive,
but it really frustrates me. Also, the ending of the original "Jian
Gui" runs laps around the ending that culminates in "The Eye." So much
scarier, so much edgier, so much better I guess is the best way to put
it. "The Eye" seemed to take the easier, more "Hollywood" way out of
it, and it ruins whatever little hope the film had left. This critic is
disappointed. This critic is appalled!

Pat the Movie Critic gives "The Eye" --- 2 Scoops. (A generous 2 Scoops at that!)