Within Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon

December 19, 2007 By:
Within Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon

It's a known fact that everyone is six degrees away from Kevin Bacon. Try it. You are too. Kevin's turned that game into a charity called sixdegrees.org.

If there is anything you read about or have some kind of an experience in your life that affects you and you're interested in making a donation or trying to find a way to help out, volunteer, etc., sixdegrees.org will guide you toward organizations that are supporting any cause.

It makes it super easy because there are over a million causes on the site to get the ball rolling. And if you're interested in seeing what celebrities are concerned about, we also have a pretty large and impressive group of well-known people and you can often make a donation to their causes.

The third element of it is you could become a celebrity for your own cause and create what we call a badge, which is a little kind of card that adds you or a picture of you and links to organizations that you're supporting, and you could talk about why it means something to you.