"My Girl" Star To Make A Comeback

December 11, 2007 By:

“My Girl” was one of my favorite movies when I was younger because of Anna Chlumsky. She was one of those actresses that went missing after her role on “My Girl” but now she's officially back.

So where did she go all those years? "I got a job at Zagat (guide book), thinking I'd review restaurants. Instead I fielded angry rants from chefs. I realized that all I've ever wanted to do is act."

Besides having two movies in postproduction for 2008 she will star in an S&M-themed off-Broadway play. The play NY stage play is titled, Unconditional and she says, "There'll be some S&M. It's exciting."

Hey if Patrick Dempsey made a comeback there is hope for anyone. Don't give up Corey Feldman!