Go See A Movie For $35 In Luxury

March 27, 2008 By:
Go See A Movie For $35 In Luxury

Would you pay $35 to see a movie in the theater? Most people complain about the $10 we all pay currently, so this idea won't fly with most people. Worse than the price of the ticket are the people inside the theaters who don't turn off their damn cell phones and proceed to have conversations during the movie.

But the industry is looking for an upgrade. 50 Gold Class Cinema multiplexes are expected to begin opening their doors this October. Forget buttered popcorn and sour patch kids. These upscale theaters will serve "upscale food" and get this...booze! No more sneaking it in!

The theaters will have high-class amenities, including plush reserved seating, digital projection and sound, and upscale food and beverage offerings with seat-side waiter service. No auditorium will have more than 40 seats.

Minus the price of the ticket, it sounds like a great idea. It's a fun alternative the current movie theater situation, and it would be a great place to go on a date.