Frank Stallone Happy About Doing Fred Claus

November 13, 2007 By:
Frank Stallone Happy About Doing Fred Claus

If you watched Fred Claus you know that one of the funniest scenes in the film is when Fred(Vince Vaughn) attends a Big Brothers Anonymous meeting. During the meeting, Sylvester Stallone’s brother Frank Stallone makes a cameo along with Bill Clinton's 'brother.'

Stallone admits that he had to think about doing the film at first. He says, "At first I was a little leery because I had all but given up on the film business after almost 60 films.

"I wasn't getting any work and I couldn't find an agent and no one seemed to show any interest, so I rededicated myself to my music full time."

He admits that working on Fred Claus was really fun because of the cast and crew! That scene had to be the funniest scene in the film.