Alec Baldwin Fears He's Too Old For Hollywood

February 1, 2008 By:
Alec Baldwin Fears He's Too  Old For Hollywood

Alec Baldwin might be an Oscar nominee but he thinks he is already washed up in Hollywood.

He thinks that being 49 years old is not working for his benefit. Apparently, there are too many actors competing for very few roles. It’s called competition!

Baldwin says, "The industry now is largely about young people. If you look at the number of films that star people over 40, there seem to be a lot less of them now. So the issue is competing to get good roles. Dustin Hoffman said something great to me once: 'We're all in line. Some of us are just in a shorter line.'"

I actually recently saw his latest flick “Suburban Girl” and it wasn’t all that bad. It’s not something I would expect him to do, but he did captivate me with his role.