Montana Fishburne Thinks She's the Next Kim Kardashian

September 3, 2010 By:
Montana Fishburne Thinks She's the Next Kim Kardashian

Montana Fishbourne just won’t shut up. Now she’s blabbing her mouth to the Hollywood Reporter about her recent decisions to indecently expose herself for fame.

She’s under the impression that she’s the next Kim Kardashian.

Montana told THR, "Even though she got all that negative attention for [her sex tape], she still has all these other ventures going on now. That is what I want to emulate: having a tape come out and still being seen as a positive person. Not just, 'She's a porn star.' "

She also mentions how Kim’s tape is what inspired her in the first place. "After I turned 18, I started to seriously think about the best way for me to enter [the business],” she explained.

“I was impressed with Kim Kardashian's success after her tape was released by Vivid and decided to call the company to see if I could arrange a meeting. I met with [founder and co-chairman] Steven Hirsch and convinced him that I knew what I wanted, and we planned my movie debut."

No that Montana has gotten a taste of the limelight, she wants to stay. And apparently she thinks she’s going to land real roles now. "I'm actually getting a lot of mainstream offers,” she claimed, “they are acting roles. I'm open to scripted and reality. It just all depends on what the project it is. If something truly interests me, I'll get super involved and want to make it happen. That's why I did this movie. I want to pursue those opportunities and then come back to [porn]."

As for her parents, we know how dad Laurence Fishburne feels about his daughter. But according to Montana, her mom’s totally cool with it.

"My mom just says, 'I love you.' We don't talk about it every day. She wants me to be happy and doesn't want me to get dragged into the dark side of porn."

This girl is a class A moron. It’s like she read the book on how to get famous by leaking your own sex tape and then getting famous. It’s already extremely unfortunate that we have to deal with other “celebrities” who have done this and are now making bank as if they deserve it. We don’t need another whore in Hollywood!