Montana Fishburne Checks into Mental Illness Facility

September 13, 2010 By:
Montana Fishburne Checks into Mental Illness Facility

Montana Fishbourne seems to be on a steep slope to the bottom. The porn star daughter of Laurence Fishburne has reportedly checked into a psych ward of sorts, according to TMZ.

A source says she’s checked into an inpatient facility hat specializes in anger management, behavioral problems and mental illnesses. She’s there for 30 days, and the place is somewhere in Southern California.

Fishburne’s stay will focus on her anger issues, and doctors will also determine if she also has a mental illness. As we know, Montana clearly has something wrong with her. Not only did she embarrass her famous father by turning to porn, but she is also currently awaiting trial for allegedly beating up the ex-girlfriend of her current boyfriend.

Her Shawn Chapman Holley, could not be reached for comment.

We hope this whips her head into shape, because at this point we have no clue what’s going through that head of hers!