March 25, 2006 By:

Mo'Nique is one funny gal! She is outspoken and is happy for who she is. She doesn’t buy into the whole Hollywood anorexic, botox, lipo, look!

Mo’Nique told the New York Daily News that she wants Star Jones to come on home! "We miss you. “We want to give you back your fat-girl card!" She added: "I say that with love. “I say that to Oprah Winfrey with love. I liked Oprah chunkier." And in regards to Star Jone’s reduced tummy tuck and nearly life and death lip drama Mo’Nique says she would not encourage people to do anything to themselves that wasn't natural, and so violent,"!

We like Mo’Nique, we think she is the new “IT” gal in Hollywood! Bring back the fat girl cards! You go girl!