Molly Sims Makes Pregnancy Sound Horrible

April 4, 2012 By:
Molly Sims Makes Pregnancy Sound Horrible

Not that carrying around seven pounds in your uterus sounded especially fun before, but Molly Sims is making pregnancy sound especially unappealing.

During an appearance on ‘The Talk,’ Molly said: “I am feeling fantastic. It’s everything I hoped it would be…No! It’s terrible!”

Yikes. How terrible?

“I’m finding marks, and my calves have fat on them.”

Huh. Well I’m sure you’ve got that beautiful pregnant glow—

“I mean, I’m constantly oily from trying to put so much lotion on.”
Okay, but the joy of creating a lif—

“I have heartburn.”

Alright, you win. Pregnancy sounds like a pain in the ass.

Sims also announced she’s having a boy. She said that while her husband, film producer Scott Stuber, would have been happy no matter what, he’s especially excited that it’s a boy.

"I know he (Stuber) would have been so proud if we had a girl but he's such a sports freak and he's so happy."

If pregnancy didn’t sound bad enough, early on, Molly fell prey to food poisoning. Oh, I’m sorry--“massive food poisoning.” Molly told Life & Style:

"I was at a dinner party and I said, 'This is the most amazing sea bass I've ever had!' [Then] I vomited for like seven hours."

Sims says she learned a valuable lesson.

“Note to self: Pregnant girls get food poisoning, too.”

And speaking of upset stomachs, Molly says her pregnancy cravings include “Steak and frozen yogurt. [I eat] everything together.”