'Modern Family' Salary Dispute - They're Getting What They Deserve

July 30, 2012 By:
'Modern Family' Salary Dispute - They're Getting What They Deserve

A settlement has been reached in the “Modern Family" vs. Twentieth Century Fox suit that many feared might end in the dissolution of the family unit.

Last week it came to light that “Family” members Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ed O'Neill and Sofia Vergara, had joined forces to demand more money for the upcoming fourth season.

USA Today is reporting that on Friday an amicable solution was met between all parties.

With season 4 set to begin production today, and after five of the main members failed to show up to readings last week, reaching a negotiation was made a top priority for all those involved.

The agreement grants salary increases for the six stars from $65K per episode to $180K. Though Ed O’Neil, being the biggest name prior to the inception of the series, reportedly makes more.

Though seemingly not related to salary demands, one of the supporting cast members has lost their job in the last week.

TMZ is reporting the Brigitte - the French bulldog that plays Stella - was reportedly replaced with another look-a-like pup named Beatrice.

No word on why but let’s hope she picks up a few jobs doing calendar work or something.

In regards to the main cast, there seems to be no hard feelings on set about the lawsuit thing.

Executive producer Steve Levitan said of the suit: "There were too many people involved" in the deal-making, and "the stakes are too big; it was almost inevitable."

But the cast is "a huge part of the success of Modern Family, and we're happy they're going to get what they deserve."

Good for them… though it's highly unlikely, we are hoping that charity was in the air on set and that this means raises were granted all around -- cause hey executive people, production assistants “deserve” stuff too!

This season of "Modern Family" will premiere on September 26 on ABC.