'Modern Family' Actor: They Wrote Off My Character!

June 12, 2012 By:
'Modern Family' Actor: They Wrote Off My Character!

Veteran actor Philip Baker Hall first appeared on the hit TV show Modern Family during season two, playing The Dunphy’s crotchety old neighbor, Walter Kleezak. In true Modern Family fashion, Luke befriends Walter because he has war stories and an oxygen tank.

Unfortunately for Walter, nobody told him that his character was getting killed off.

“Yeah, that was a surprise. I didn’t know that was coming. They told me when I filmed the last episode, but they didn’t tell me before [we started shooting] so it was a surprise,” Hall tells us at the premiere of his new film Departure Date.

Hall appeared in three episodes until his character apparently dies from a heart attack. His character is referenced posthumously when The Dunphy’s have to break the news about Walt to Luke.

In Hollywood, you never know if your character will be kept alive. Too bad he didn’t work on Desperate Housewives, he could have sued.

Hall tells us that he really misses his role on the hilarious sitcom, “I do [miss it],” he tells us, before adding, “Poor Luke.”

Hall is currently appearing in a new short film created by Virgin Airlines, he plays the lead character as an old man, giving his youthful self some love advice.

“[Lead Actor Ben Feldman] plays a person who is trying to pursue a girl on a plane and he is awkward and shy and the man sitting next to him turns out to be a ghost of himself as an older man,” says Hall of his own character, “[I] give him advice on how to approach this girl…so I am him at an older age. It’s fun and well done.”