Join the Flash Mob Tonight!

March 31, 2011 By:
Join the Flash Mob Tonight!

Got something you need to tell somebody? Want Howie Mandel to help you? You're in luck!

Fox is introducing a new show called Mobbed, where a large group of people, along with Mandel, help you deliver important news to a friend, coworker, husband...anybody!

This might be the perfect time to tell your mom you eloped two years ago.

The show follows a "flash mob" as they plan how they'll surprise the subject with your news, then after gathering for a public performance in front of the participant, the mob delivers your message.

"If you like emotion, there's an abundance of emotion," Mandel said. "It's not clear-cut how it's going to end. There's no script. We wanted some danger, we wanted some funny. It's Glee meets hidden-camera meets Jerry Springer."

And we'll also get to see if Howie really has overcome his OCD, because he'll be putting the performances together.

The show will debut at 9/8 central on Fox, Thursday, March 31.