Video: Mob Wives Fight Gets Ugly: 'I Want to Chop Off His Body'

January 9, 2012 By:
Video: Mob Wives Fight Gets Ugly: 'I Want to Chop Off His Body'

And you thought Snooki and The Situation were bad.

We really shouldn’t be that surprised, but Sunday night’s episode of Mob Wives got beyond ugly in a brutal, no-holds barred fight between Drita D’avanzo, Karen Gravano, and Ramona Rizzo. And pretty much everyone else on the show.

So Drita and Karen are on the rooftop working out their differences--what a perfect spot for a fight, by the way--when Karen’s “cousin”, Ramona enters. A bunch of mob brats fighting on a rooftop? All we need is some 60s pop music, and we’ve got ourselves a Scorsese movie, folks.

Anyway, when Ramona steps in, everyone goes ape sh-t. Security enters, as does Drita’s friend, Derek Tobacco.

Yes, Tobacco.

Somehow, Ramona is bleeding from her mouth, and she suspects it’s Derek that punched her. She grabs a glass and throws it at him. Karen throws a dish across the room.

“I want to chop off his body,” Ramona screams. “He’s finished.”

Hope he has a wetsuit, because it sounds like someone’s gonna be sleepin’ with the fishes.

Eventually Ramona gets to Derek and begins screaming in his face. Her boob then proceeds to pop out of her shirt, but let’s face it, a wardrobe malfunction is the least embarrassing thing happening right now. the mob wives are all very pretty and nice and please don’t kill me, okay?

I really don’t want to wake up to a severed horse head.

Meanwhile, this has all been going down at a party at Renee Graziano’s house. Her and her ex husband, Junior, are desperately trying to get everyone out of the house.

Well, Junior is a little preoccupied with the fact that Derek hit a woman. But he can’t really do anything, because, as Renee puts it:

“Junior has an open case with the feds.”

Ah, hate when that happens. The dust finally settles, ending with Ramona realizing it was Drita who hit her and not Derek.

And on a happier note, Junior and Renee want to get back together. So at least there’s that.

This show makes Jersey Shore look like Sesame Street.

Check out the epic fight below: