Mob Wives: We'll Throw Down with the Real Housewives

December 16, 2011 By:
Mob Wives: We'll Throw Down with the Real Housewives

Mob Wives Season 2 debuts this New Years Day and Hollyscoop caught up with Drita D'Avanzo and Renee Graziano to talk everything Mob Wives, including how they'd win in a catfight with the women of The Real Housewives and why Lindsay Lohan should have played Victoria Gotti in the Gotti biopic.

First things first: We all know that the Mob Wives get in lots of fights with each other, and all the cast members of various Real Housewives seasons also like to throw down with each other. So who would win in a cage-match of the Mob Wives versus The Real Housewives?

"Oh no, we got that in the bag. That’s not even an issue," says D'Avanzo.

But what about the ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Have you seen the way the Richards sisters got it in with Brandi Glanville?

"Yea but we’re all on Prozac so it doesn’t matter. We’re all as crazy as the next. As far as the physical part she's got all the housewives," says Graziano of D'Avnazo's fighting tactic, "I’ll just scream and yell at them and give them a really bad headache so they’ll eventually back down."

One of the worlds most famous current mob wives is Victoria Gotti, who Lindsay Lohan was this close to playing in the Gotti family biopic until her role in that flick fell apart. Do the Mob Wives think this is a good thing? Would Lindsay tarnish the mob wife's good name? Not so much.

"I think Lindsay Lohan is a great actress, so I can't see her doing wrong," say A'vanzo. Graziano chimes in "[Lindsay] could play Victoria."

While the world will make it's assumptions about what a mob wife is truly like based on movies like "Scarface" and "The Godfather," the ladies claim that one of the biggest misconceptions about mob wives is "that we have a lot of money."

"It's really annoying, and it frustrates me," admits D'Avanzo, "I work very hard for everything I have."

Speaking of money, the ladies admit they've never been with a guy that owned a wallet. What? Another little-known fact about the mob is that mob wives only date dudes that carry lots of cash and hold that wad of cash together with a rubber band. No wallets, no black cards, just rubber bands.

"I've never dated a guy that owns a wallet," says D'Avanzo.

"I never will, I'm sorry, rubber bands only...he can have a Prada rubber band, it's okay, but rubber bands are still cool," says Graziano.

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