Mob Wives Drita and Karen Get Into Crazy Cat Fight

June 27, 2011 By:
Mob Wives Drita and Karen Get Into Crazy Cat Fight

If you take the worst girlfights on “Bad Girls Club,” the fakest tans from “Jersey Shore,” and the bitchiness and Italian food of “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” then you have “Mob Wives.”

The season finale of VH1’s Mob Wives went out with a bang. Literally. Drita D’avanzo and Karen Gravano got into a girlfight that started with D’avanzo hurling a glass at Gravano and ending with security guards pulling them off one another.

The drama between the women began when D’avanzo decided to bring up the tired news that Gravano cheated on Lee, D’avanzo’s current husband, back when she dated Lee. And like most highschool fights that start with “you hooked up with my boyfriend,” these two grown-ass women made Staten Island proud and got into a full-out hair pulling, object throwing cat fight.

“Honestly, she got up and I blacked the f-ck out.” D’avanzo says, “I don’t know what happened until the end. I was in attack mode and it’s hard for me to stop.”

And the cherry on top, “I’ll kill you, motherf-cker.” #classy

Because this fight occurred weeks ago during filming, the ladies were unfortunately reunited at the wrap party recently where they avoided each other at all costs. The show’s creator, Jennifer Graziano, tried to get the women to reconcile. “I was trying to get them to agree to disagree about the Lee D’avanzo subject and hoping to mend their friendship.”

Friendship schemdship. Friendship doesn’t get ratings, fights that put WWE wrestling to shame gets ratings.