Report: The Beautiful Life Coming Back to CW

November 17, 2009 By:
Report: The Beautiful Life Coming Back to CW

Mischa Barton may be employed again! Word on the street is that her

The Beautiful Life, which was canceled after just two episodes, is getting resurrected by the CW network.

The show’s Facebook page made the first announcement on Sunday, writing, “We have somewhat good news.The CW will plan 2 air the remaining episodes of The Beautiful Life [this summer]. The bad news is there is still no plans of renewing The Beautiful Life. But that might change during the months, or this year.”

CW spokesman Paul McGuire commented on the news, saying,
“The status of unaired episodes has yet to be determined.”
It seems like a buzz kill if the unaired episodes are shown, and the show doesn’t get picked back up. It’ll just give the cast false hope! Weigh in below! Did you like The Beautiful Life? Should it come back on the CW?