Rep: Mischa is "Improving"

July 22, 2009 By:
Rep: Mischa is

Mischa Barton is still being held at a psych ward in UCLA Medical Center, but her rep insists she's making some improvements.

“Mischa is improving and still under care, with the intentions of being able to resume production on ‘The Beautiful Life’ next week," her rep Craig Schneider said in a statement.

While he wouldn't touch base on the reason for her trip to the ward, he did mention that she'll return back to work as early as next week. Uh soon much?

In the show, Mischa plays a supermodel who struggles to cope with the pressures of being thin and successful in the fashion world. Not much of a stretch for her, but it's the first real job she's landed in a while.

Production on the show was postponed until July 31st, because "sets were not ready," but we hear it's because they are looking to replace Mischa with a more dependable actress.

As Hollyscoop had previously reported, Mischa's pals slowly dropped out of her life in the past few years because of her reported drug abuse. "She's gone to the dark side," one pal proclaimed.

Can Mischa bounce back? We really hope so! But the hard partying really needs to stop. It's not cute anymore. Looking like you haven't slept in weeks isn't sexy. Let's hope this trip to the hospital has really changed her outlook on life!