Mischa's Wild Night in Berlin

July 18, 2008 By:
Mischa's Wild Night in Berlin

Judging from these photos of Mischa Barton in Berlin, it's safe to say she had a pretty wild night. Why else would she be hanging out on the floor of a club?

Mischa left the Grill Royal restaurant at 10:30pm, appearing a little tipsy, then made a pit stop at the White Trash. She then made her way to Seven Star Gallery before finally calling it a night.

Hey, at least she wasn't driving drunk this time!

Speaking of DUI's, Mischa recently opened up to NYLON Magazine about her DUI saying, "That was a low point for me. I never, ever would have thought I would be arrested," she says in the August issue of Nylon. "I was disappointed because it associated me with a group of girls that I would rather not be associated with."