Mischa's Friends Still Fear for Her Life

July 30, 2009 By:
Mischa's Friends Still Fear for Her Life

When regular people leave the psych ward they go home and get some rest and try to figure out how to get their life back in order again. After all, being in a psych ward isn't like a regular trip to the hospital.

But Mischa Barton left the ward and practically boarded a plane the same day to start work again, which was her friends worried to death.

An insider tells the New York Daily News, "Mischa needs more aggressive treatment over a long period of time. It's only been a matter of days since she was released from the hospital, and I think she definitely wasn't there long enough.

"She needs to be very cautious - she's at a very big risk. I personally think it's a bad idea to go back this quickly, given her past history with substance abuse."

Mischa was placed under involuntary psychiatric hold at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after reportedly suffering a meltdown and calling cops to her Hollywood home.

She was released over the weekend, and is already back to work on her new show The Beautiful Life.

Do you think Mischa jumped back into work too early? Or is work just the thing she needs to keep her mind off of her problems? Tell us your thoughts!