Mischa's Family Has History of Drug Abuse

July 16, 2009 By:
Mischa's Family Has History of Drug Abuse

While news of Mischa Barton being hospitalized and placed under psychiatric hold comes as shock to many, both drug abuse and depression run in the Barton family.

Mischa's sister Hania has overdosed on more than one occasion, and has a history of attempted suicide. Back in 2008, Hania overdosed on drugs and was rushed to the emergency room.

At the time of the incident, a source close to the family said, "The family bodyguard found her obviously overdosed on drugs, called her mother, and then rushed Hania to the emergency room. It was a suicide attempt, and by the time she got to hospital, Hania was absolutely hysterical."

Hania confessed to overdosing on Soma, a muscle relaxer, and spent 6 hours at Cedar’s Sinai Medical before being discharged.

A few weeks before Hania's hospital trip, Mischa was arrested on suspicion of DUI, possession of marijuana and a controlled substance and driving without a valid license.

Mischa checked into rehab after the incident. "I wanted to prove to the court that I would take it completely seriously," she said about entering rehab. "I went to rehab to prove I was sober," continued Barton in an interview with UK Marie Claire.

Fast forward to today and Mischa is place under an involuntary psychiatric hold, also known as a 5150.

According to the code, authorities can hold a person involuntarily if they present a danger to themselves or others, are gravely disabled or suffer from a mental disorder.

Authorities aren't allowed to release any details about her condition due to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, but judging by her families past, we can take a wild guess.

According to the 5150 code, Mischa can be held involuntarily for up to 72 hours. We wish the best during this difficult time. It's never easy living your life under a microscope.